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I am Mitchell White. I am not running on catchy slogans, I am running on solutions that will make America better. 

People in our district tell me about their concerns. I can relate. I was born, raised, and reside in our district. We are frustrated with healthcare, taxes, the environment, jobs, immigration and out of touch politicians.

A Critical Perspective

As a senior accountant for Ernst & Young, I had the unique opportunity of working with healthcare, government, and public clients. After years of looking at financial statement accounts and solving problems, I developed a mindset of analyzing issues that people often overlook, or issues that are assumed to be correct.

A Principled Conservative

Fiscally and socially, I believe in true conservative values. I believe that the government should spend less money and that we need to shrink the size of government. We need to start allowing private organizations to begin performing some of the functions where the government has failed and let the free market handle those responsibilities. 


I was born within our district in the beautiful city of Roseville. I went to school and currently work within the 4th District. Unlike Tom McClintock, I can actually say that this is our district. Tom does not live within the 4th district and cannot even vote for himself.

Education and Work

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting from CSU Sacramento. I never intended to run for politics. I was fully focused on beginning a career with a Big 4 accounting firm. After becoming a senior accountant at Ernst & Young, I learned that I had a knack for solving large problems. I tried to give my solutions to Tom McClintock and other local representatives. I realized that my representatives were unwilling to listen and were unable to resolve some of the greatest issues facing our nation. I decided that I had to run, because Americans deserve a representative that will create laws that will solve issues, not one who just knows the basic talking points.


I have many family members in law enforcement. I care deeply about having a strong military and defending our nation. I want to make District 4 safer for my family and future generations.