If we establish congressional term limits, we will see less corruption and more work being done. I would support a constitutional amendment that would limit terms in the House of Representatives to be between 4-6 terms (8-12 years) and 2-3 terms (12-18 years) for the Senate.

I believe that the ideal number is a maximum of 5 terms (10 years) for a member of the House of Representatives and 2 terms (12 years) for a senator. If elected, I will create a constitutional amendment to limit term limits.

In 1946, Congress gave themselves a pension under by passing P.L. 79-601. The reasoning congress used to implement a pension for themselves was to “bring into the legislative service a larger number of younger members with fresh energy and new viewpoints” by encouraging older members to retire. But in reality, we do not see congressmen with new ideas earning positions in Congress. If we do not establish term limits, then I believe we should remove the pension.