New Law: Physicians are not allowed to take any gifts or payments from any pharmaceutical organization or medical product producer.

$3,289 was the average amount of benefits that a physician received from third party healthcare organizations in 2016. Regardless of the fact that all might not actually be compromising their professional integrity, there is no reason for companies to be spending money on these physicians.

Physicians are allowed to take payments from pharmaceutical companies. The ACA established the Sunshine Act, which requires physicians to report all payments they receive over $10. This exposed the fact that companies provided $8 billion to physicians in 2016 (an average of $3,289 per physician), but did nothing to stop this corruption. It is time we put an end to pharmaceutical companies from corrupting our physicians.

This law would drastically increase the competitiveness of the healthcare industry. Instead of giving doctors bribes, companies would have to actually prove that their product is the best for the patient.